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Champaign Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Responsive and Caring Medical Malpractice Legal Help in Illinois Since 1975

Medical malpractice claims present unusual legal challenges to victims and their families. How do you prove a medical provider committed an error when you were perhaps not even conscious? How do you argue medical issues with a doctor? And how do you demonstrate the extent and effects of your injury?

The Champaign medical malpractice attorneys of Dodd & Maatuka, have represented numerous clients injured by physicians' negligence. Do you have questions regarding:

  • The failure to diagnose cancer, a heart attack or a stroke?
  • A surgical or emergency room error?
  • A pharmacy or medication error?
  • A birth injury?
  • A nursing home injury?
  • Wrongful death resulting from medical treatment?

We work with medical experts who are skilled at assessing the specifics of medical treatment and in countering negligent doctors' claims. Also, we are familiar with the standards of care that doctors must follow and can provide aggressive legal assistance when they are not met.

Contact Our Attorneys

Contact a lawyer at Dodd & Maatuka, for answers and experienced legal help following medical malpractice in Illinois. We provide free initial consultations, and we work on a contingency fee basis and have the resources to carry expenses for the duration of complex cases. And, because we are a client-focused, we can and do take the time to provide the personal and caring service needed when a medical issue becomes worse at the hands of a negligent doctor, nurse or other professional. Call 217-356-9500.


With Almost 40 years experience of achieving the full legal goals of countless clients, our firm enjoys a reputation as the law firm to turn to in East-Central Illinois for results-driven and caring, responsive legal assistance.