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Champaign Paternity Lawyers

Family Law Legal Assistance in East-Central Illinois Since 1975

In the majority of instances, when just one of two unmarried people has a child and one parent raises the child, that parent is the mother. More and more single mothers, though, are learning that they can obtain the child support payments they deserve with the assistance of a skilled and experienced family law lawyer.

If you are a mother who needs legal assistance regarding paternity and child support law in Illinois, contact the Champaign paternity attorneys of Dodd & Maatuka. We can assist you in:

  • Legally establishing the identity of the father of your child
  • Pursuing child support payments
  • Pursuing help with payment of medical bills, day care and other expenses

As an unwed mother, you deserve financial assistance from your child's father for living expenses, health insurance, education and extracurricular expenses, and other expenses relating to your child. For more information, call 217-356-9500.

We Also Obtain Rights for Fathers

As an unwed father, you also have rights regarding your child. Your primary legal goal may be legal visitation rights. If you have custody of your child, you have the same rights for support as a mother who has custody.

Through DNA testing we can establish your paternity, then build the strongest-possible case supporting your parenting time rights. We can also work to prevent the mother from moving out of state or out of your area. We have assisted dozens of fathers successfully pursue their rights in paternity and move-away rights since 1975. For more information, and to schedule a no-charge consultation, please contact our firm.

Contact Our Urbana Parental Rights Attorneys

The lawyers of Dodd & Maatuka, accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, and speak English, Spanish and Arabic. We have free parking. To contact us, call 217-356-9500.


With Almost 40 years experience of achieving the full legal goals of countless clients, our firm enjoys a reputation as the law firm to turn to in East-Central Illinois for results-driven and caring, responsive legal assistance.